Software module: InnoMeter® 5349

Measure hand-arm vibrations


The InnoMeter HVM 5349 is designed for measurements of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibrations acc. to ISO 5349:2001, directive 2002/44/EC and LärmVibrationsArbSchV.

If hand held machines or workpieces transmit strong vibrations to the operator, a decreased performance and even diseases in blood vessels, nerves, bones, joints, muscles or connective tissues might develop.

For this reason, divers guidelines stipulate measurements acc. to EN ISO 5349, which determines the exposure on the human hand-arm-system.

With the InnoMeter HVM 5349, these measurements are carried out conforming to standards. Piezoelectric sensors are mounted on the handholds of hand held power tools. The data aquisition device InnoBeamer accept the sensor data and transmit it to the InnoMeter HVM 5349.

With the measurement kits VMSet-11-1, VMSet-11-2 is a suitable set available, which contains sensors and signal converters for the connection to your own measuring computer.

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Compared to usual hand-held instruments, the InnoMeter HVM 5349 possesses a user guide. The user is guided through measurement from the choice of measurement mode to the evaluation of measurement’s results. A graphical drawing of the correct axes allocation for the gripping hand eases multiaxial measurement. Even users who do not deal with HVM measurements very often can be sure to fulfill all details of the standard.

The InnoMeter HVM 5349 is able to carry out all measurement modes described in the standard, e.g. the simultaneous measurement in all 3 axes or the measurement in the main axis and weighting of the other two axes.

In addition to the indication and quick evaluation of single measurements while measuring, the complete calculation of the daily vibration exposure is integrated. Therefore, measured data can be allocated to exposure segments or a certain handle by drag&drop. The powerful report-function enables you to generate reports at the push of a button.

The Pro-Version additionally includes frequency analysis for both, the unweighted vibration signal and the signal weighted acc. to considerations concerning occupational health. This way, responsible components are quickly detected and vibration causes are eliminated purposefully.

Requirements for VibroMatrix

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • VibroMatrix measuring system (InnoBeamer measuring amplifier required)



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