Diagnose and prevent mechanical resonance

Measuring kit for the mechanical resonance

item number: VMSet-02

The excitation of natural frequencies leads to high vibration levels. The resulting increased load on the machine components is a reason for increased wear, quality defects during production and vibration emissions into the environment. Natural frequencies are excited, for example, by drives, belt transmissions, or also by vibrations of neighbouring machines and facilities. In order to prevent excessive vibration levels and emissions, it is necessary to examine machine parts up to the entire machine for natural frequencies.

With our special measuring kit for natural frequencies, you get a complete system of measuring amplifiers, sensors, sensor cables, mounting accessories and software in a compact kit to determine the natural frequencies of your machine. You have the possibility to carry out a measurement directly in real time or to record the data in order to carry out a later offline analysis in the office. You are also welcome to arrange a day in your company with one of our vibration analysts for an introduction to the system or a training day. In no time at all, you and your team will become specialists for measuring natural frequencies on your machines.