Case studies

Vibration measurement in practical examples

Balancing fans/ventilators

Unbalances on fans or ventilators can be quickly identified with our measurement system and quickly reduced by the guided balancing process of the software.


Balancing motors/ spindles

The balancing of spindles, for example in machining centers, enables low-vibration machining of components.


Analyzing machine vibrations

Highly elevated vibrations due to inadequate bearing mounting and an unsuitable operating speed were detected on a surface milling machine.


Detecting bearing damage

To avoid machine downtime, the condition of the rolling bearings should be monitored regularly. Not only damage to the bearings but also to the bearing components can be detected.

Measuring resonances on machines

If machine speeds and natural frequencies are close to each other, resonance occurs. This leads to high vibration amplitudes and causes operational balancing to fail.

Reduce chatter marks

Chatter marks lead to a reduced surface quality on the material. A vibration and natural frequency analysis quickly finds out the cause of chatter marks, whereby the chatter marks can be quickly reduced.


Condition monitoring of machines

The continuous vibration monitoring of machines ensures product quality and reduces spontaneous failures.

Vibration analysis on test stands

For a vibration analysis on a test stand for electric drives, measurement technology was required to detect bearing and unbalance problems as well as assembly errors.