Vibration protection

Measuring kit for vibrations in buildings

item number: VMSet-23, VMSet-24

Excessive vibrations acting on buildings lead to damage, e.g. cracks in masonry. We offer you measuring kits for vibration protection, which measure according to DIN 4150-3. The three-axis vibration sensor can be used in any installation position and has a frequency-independent transmission behaviour in the working frequency range of DIN 4150-3. The complete systems can be used for one or more measuring points.  An alarm by e-mail, lights or siren can be added. This measuring kit is mainly used by engineering offices that carry out vibration protection measurements with this measuring kit, but also by structural engineers and building contractors.

With our special measuring kit for vibration protection, you get a complete system of measuring amplifiers, sensors, sensor cables, fastening accessories and software in a compact kit to prevent damage to buildings. You have the possibility to carry out a measurement directly in real time or to record the data in order to carry out a later offline analysis in the office. You are also welcome to arrange a day at your company with one of our vibration analysts for an introduction to the system or a training day. So, you and your team are best equipped for vibration measurement for vibration protection.