VibroLine Condition Monitoring Plus - VLE & VLX Reliable machine protection - in the context of Industry 4.0

Reliable machine protection

VibroLine is designed for a continuous and seamless signal processing of all measuring channels. With a cycle time of 8 ms, the device is particularly suitable for real-time monitoring of dynamic processes, such as in CNC machines. In time-critical applications (e.g. collision detection) the system even alarms within 0.7 ms.

The vibration monitoring provides up to 8 measuring channels in a compact DIN rail housing. In addition to IEPE accelerometers, all sensors with output signal of max. ±10 V AC are supported. An extra gain of 25 allows data acquisition from sensors with very low signal magnitudes.

The DAQ resolution of 24 Bit and a wide frequency range of up to 40 kHz provide the key advantage for early detection of damage.

An integration into an existing automation environment is achieved by analog/digital interfaces and field buses. As a Plus, VibroLine transmits the high-resolution sensor signals via streaming. The streamed raw data can be used for custom signal analysis and AI algorithms.

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PDF-File zum Download

Your advantages at a glance


Reduce costs with time advantage

  • Damage is detected at an early stage
  • Maintenance becomes predictable and schedulable


  •  Monitoring of dynamic processes
  •  Crash and collision warning


  •  2 device series for various technical requirements
  •  1, 2, 4, 6, 8 channels for variable no. of measuring points


  • Continuous, seamless acquisition of measured signals
  • Machine protection through immediate alerting
  • Standards: ISO 10816/20816, ISO 14694, ISO 8528-9,
    VDI 3832, DIN EN IEC 60034-14


  •  Flexible connection via standard signals and fieldbus
  •  Streaming of vibration signals for custom analysis
  •  Interface to diagnostic systems and quality assurance

Product series

VLE Classic Automation

  • 1..8 measurement channels
  • measured value transmission via 4-20 mA
  • 3 x digital output + changeover relay for alarm
  • process trigger for further controls
  • configuration via USB
  • for local applications
  • no programming necessary

VLX Industry 4.0

  • flexible continuous monitoring
  • 1-8 measuring channels with 3 monitoring variables each
  • Output of measured values ​​and alarm states per
    •     Fieldbus connection, Modbus RTU, CanOpen
    •     Ethernet, Modbus TCP, HTTP
  • DAQ: Streaming of the digitized sensor signals
  • Interface to VibroMatrix for detailed analysis
  • Configuration locally via USB / remote via Ethernet
  • networked applications

Application area Overview

Machine protection Overall vibration characteristics

The devices of the VibroLine series enable flexible vibration monitoring. In this way, characteristic values ​​for vibration acceleration, speed and displacement can be defined in freely selectable frequency ranges. Individual characteristic values ​​or monitoring according to relevant standards such as ISO 10816/20816 are very easy to do. Templates for standard-compliant monitoring are already available for many machine classes.

Rolling element bearing analysis BCC, k(t) bearing characteristics

VibroLine enables the detection and monitoring of rolling element bearing damage. For this purpose, the acceleration signal is analysed and the bearing condition is expressed in characteristic values such as the BCC or k(t) value. The condition of rolling bearings is thus directly readable and observable in the long-term trend.

Unbalance and misalignment Order charateristics

Vibrations caused by unbalance can be reliably filtered out with the VibroLine monitoring modules. This is made possible by the integrated monitoring of order characteristics. Increased vibration at speed can thus be assigned to imbalances that occur. However, the effects of speed multiples (e.g. misalignment or gear defects) can also be recognized with the help of the integrated order analysis.

Collision and scratch detection Fast high pass filter

The special monitoring mode of our condition monitoring products warns you before long-term damage occurs. For example, collisions in machining centers must be detected as quickly as possible. The VibroLine devices have a special operating mode that allows particularly fast signal processing and error reporting: A collision is detected and reported within 0.7 ms. Serious consequential damage can be prevented in this way.


Quality assurance Monitor automatically

The flexible signal processing and many available interfaces are ideally suited for automating vibration tests in your quality assurance. Special monitoring parameters specifically indicate faults and defects in assemblies and products. VibroLine can thus be seamlessly integrated into EOL testing.

Precision Requirements for the measurement technology

The requirements for measurement technology (DIN ISO 2954) are met with high precision with VibroLine, in particular the exact compliance with the specified filter limits and gradients. Particularly short response times of <0.7 ms are maintained for collision monitoring on machine tools.

Clear labeling of all inputs and outputs on the device ensures error-free installation of all electrical connections. In addition, all terminals are designed as plug-in units, each with four connections, which makes installing the devices even easier.


The space-saving design makes it possible to install a large number of measurement channels in the smallest of spaces. Up to 8 measuring channels in one housing guarantee the optimal use of control cabinet capacities, even for extensive projects and retrofits.


Diverse communication options Interfaces

The integration into an existing automation landscape succeeds flexibly via classic interfaces and fieldbuses. As a plus, VibroLine outputs the high-resolution sensor signals via streaming. They are used for your own signal analysis and AI algorithms. Depending on the product series, VibroLine therefore provides the communication interfaces USB 2.0, CANopen, http-API, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and/or DataStream. We would be happy to advise you which VibroLine product best suits your measuring task.

Device configuration software Via USB & Ethernet

The VibroLine configurator enables quick and easy configuration of the condition monitoring devices via USB connection. All devices can be managed at a glance and the devices can be parameterized either individually or according to available templates. The VLX series can be parameterized in the network via Ethernet TCP.

In addition, the current measured values ​​are shown in a live display. The comfortable adjustment of warning and alarm values ​​or the scaling of the 4-20 mA current outputs is done in a very short time.

PDF-File zum Download

PDF-File zum Download

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