Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring with VibroLine

All machines are subjected to a wear process. Throughout this process, the vibrations emitted by machines change. Vibration monitoring helps to observe the wear process. Typical causes of vibrations are unbalances,bearing failure, lubrication problems or misalignment of shafts.

Vibration monitoring would be conducted at best during the whole service life of a machine. The machine can be monitored continously or periodically. Thereby, changes in state (increased vibration levels) can early be recognized and identified as machine damage.

As a result, repair and maintenance can be planned economically.

Vibration monitoring for evaluation of the entire machine measures usually the rms value of vibration velocity for a wide frequency range, e.g. 10 .. 1000 Hz. The evaluation of the measured vibration levels is carried out relatively to the new condition of a machine and orientates itself additionally to international standards (e.g. ISO 10816).

Thus, various parameter levels are determined, in which machines either can run without danger in continous operation, can only run short-time or in which the operation of the machine would lead to damages. Vibration monitoring often offers the possibility to define individual warning and alarm limits. If these are exceeded, an emergency shutdown is performed.

Periodically (or offline) vibration monitoring is carried out by measurement staff. They use handheld devices or are equipped with a mobile measurement system. Measurement systems like VibroMatrix allow a deeper inspection in case of machine problems and the remedy as well for instance by balancing the machine.

Continuously (or online) vibration monitoring means a permanent measurement and evaluation of machine vibration. There are vibration switches with integrated sensor which simply switch an output if the measured value exceeds the adjusted limits.

More flexibility is provided by modular vibration monitors like of VibroLine series. Because an external vibration sensor is connected different types can be used according to the needs of the measurement position. The powerful signal processing of vibration monitors like VibroLine allow to setup monitoring methods suitable to the type of machine.

Continuously (or online) operating vibration monitors deliver signals about the machine condition. These signals can be optical to indicate users the condition at a glance. They can be digital and make the condition readable for PLCs or the machine control. The sensor signal is often processed to a vibration characteristic as well and analog outputs of the vibration monitor can continuously represent this characteristic, readable for a control.

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