Balancing machines

Measuring kit for balancing

item number: VMSet-01

During the use of a machine, damage, contamination or even maintenance measures are unavoidable. These external influences are often the cause of imbalances. In the long run, these imbalances lead to damage to the machines and the resulting loss of productivity.  A balanced machine therefore has significant advantages for you as a machine operator or machine manufacturer. The "InnoBalancer" software module specially developed for balancing guides you through the balancing process in simple steps. Required balancing weights and balancing positions are automatically calculated by the software.

With our special measuring kit for balancing machines, you get a complete system of measuring amplifiers, sensors, sensor cables, mounting accessories and software for balancing your machines in a compact kit. You have the possibility to carry out a measurement directly in real time or to record the data in order to carry out a later offline analysis in the office. You are also welcome to arrange a day at your company with one of our vibration analysts for an introduction to the system or a training day. In no time at all, you and your team will become specialists in questions concerning the balancing of your machines.