Measuring kit for vibrations

Mobile complete systems for vibration analysis

Machine Diagnostics Plus (Vibration Analysis + Field Balancing)

This complete system is suitable for an extensive vibration analysis of your machines and facilities.

Machine Diagnostics Basic (Vibration Analysis)

Use this kit for machine protection or machine diagnosis. The complete system of sensors and measuring technology helps you to protect your machines or to carry out diagnoses on your machines.

Machining Centers Vibration

This portable measuring kit can be used especially for vibrations on machining centers. It contains the complete measuring technology you need for measuring vibrations, especially on machining centers.


Diagnose and prevent mechanical resonance

This kit makes it easy for you to measure natural frequencies. With the complete system of measurement technology and sensor technology, you can determine natural frequencies on your machine.

Field Balancing

Balancing of your machines such as ventilators, spindles, milling shafts and other machines. With this measuring kit you get a complete measuring system for  field balancing  with just one click.

Vibration control for sensitive equipment

With a complete system equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor, you can control vibrations on particularly sensitive equipments, such as those used in semiconductor industrial facilities.

Vibration protection

Complete system for the measurement and analysis of vibrations in buildings and its effect of structures.


Whole body vibrations

Whole body vibrations can lead to damage to health. With the measuring system for whole-body vibrations you can measure vibrations introduced into the body and is therefore often used in the area of occupational safety.