VibroLine Process Visualization Improve your processes - with recording and monitoring of measured values

Making vibrations in your processes visible

The VibroLine VLX series records vibration measurement values several times within one second and thus monitors your processes seamlessly. This can also be visualized, making the vibration behavior within your processes perfectly visible. In this way, you can immediately see how a common process is running at your company and what effects changes to the operating parameters or the processed material have.

This is made possible by a programmable add-on device called WebHMI, which spans a suitable SCADA system for you. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and makes it possible to record and evaluate processes in automated production and to make decisions for further progress based on the data situation. Especially in maintenance, systems for assessing the condition of production machines using vibration measurement technology are increasingly being used. The raw data generated in this process can usually only be processed locally, simply because of the quantity of sensors and measured values.

VibroLine processes the raw data and passes the calculated characteristic values via Modbus TCP to the data logger WebHMI. The WebHMI takes over the long-term data recording and the graphical processing of the data, which can be displayed in your local networks. So the visualization works locally in your plant and no data gets outside. You have full control. Whether data should then also be visible from the outside via secure Internet connections - that is entirely up to you.

What are the advantages of process visualization with VibroLine?

The use of the SCADA system for data visualization provides completely new insights into the production process. The evaluation of characteristic values over a longer period of time enables a reliable statement about the condition of the production plants on the basis of trend displays. In addition, conspicuous events are logged and signaled as information, warnings or alarms. Plant operators and maintenance staff are always up to date and can plan maintenance work in a targeted manner. This saves time, nerves and a lot of money.

Our service for you Planning - Installation - Commissioning

From IDS, you can expect not only the right measurement technology and advice on suitable measuring points, measurement methods and limit values - if you wish, we can also create the right interface for your application. You can see a schematic representation of your machines and systems, get current measured values, charts and alarm statuses at a glance.  A joint commissioning can take place on site or, after consultation, also via remote maintenance.

What can you expect within such a project for process visualization?


The WebHMI provides the interface between the VibroLine system and the graphical user interface in the web browser. It is additionally installed as a control cabinet module. It permanently stores the characteristic values from the VibroLine system transmitted via Modbus-TCP for graphical processing and provides the integrated web server for operation.



VibroLine - Modbus TCP Register

The data exchange between the WebHMI and the VibroLine system takes place via so-called registers. These are defined memory areas in which the measured values are made available. We deliver the complete set of Modbus registers from VibroLine, ready stored in the WebHMI. Which registers are to be logged and recorded later can be selected in the WebHMI simply by mouse click.


Process graphics - measuring points

For a quick orientation we produce process graphics with the current measured values. The current states at the vibration measuring points are signaled via status LEDs.

VLX device overview

An overview of the available VLX devices allows a quick check of all measurement parameters and settings.

Information - Warning - Alarm

All events that have occurred are listed in a table as information, warning or alarm. If limit values for the vibration measurement are exceeded, the alarms can be acknowledged by the machine operator and appropriate repair or maintenance work can be planned. For this purpose, each message contains precise information on the measuring point or the affected machine component.


User menu - Parameters

A password-protected user menu provides access to all process graphics, curve progressions, alarms and the parameter menu. The recorded data is temporarily stored on an SD card and can be downloaded for archiving or further processing.


Do you have any questions about the SCADA system visualization for VibroLine VLX or about our services? Call us now and we will be happy to help you. We would also be happy to arrange a personal meeting at your site.

  • Planning and conceptual design of automated vibration measurement
  • Test measurements and feasibility study
  • Creation of process overviews, charts, event handling
  • Installation and commissioning on site or remote maintenance
  • Training on site

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