Vibration measurement shown and explained

Vibration measurement best practice:

Measure vibration characteristics

Measuring vibration characteristics provides a quick overview of the machine's condition.


Frequency analysis

Introduction to the frequency analysis of vibrations with VibroMatrix.


Order and tracking Analysis

For the investigation of speed-dependent vibrations on machines.



Balancing of rotors in installed condition.


Bearing diagnostics

Detection and diagnosis of rolling bearing damage.


Natural frequencies

Insight into the measurements of natural frequencies on machines.


Frequently used terms in a nutshell:


What are accelerometers?


Charge Amplifiers

Why and how is signal conditioning carried out?


Vibration Monitoring

What is vibration monitoring?


Vibration Analyzer

How are vibrations analysed?


Vibration Calibrator

How can vibration instruments be checked?


Field Balancing

What is operational balancing?