Software module: InnoMeter® 3834

Measurement on wind turbines


With VDI 3834 there is a technical guideline for the measurement and assessment of wind turbines and their components since 2009. It allows an easy to perfom vibration measurement with the result in traffic light colours generated automatically.

Measurements according to VDI 3834 are not really intended for permanent monitoring. Instead, a complete plant assessment in terms of allowed vibrations is performed with a mobile system only on important points in time.

The InnoMeter 3834 is designed for the measurement and evaluation of vibrations on wind energy turbines and its components acc. to VDI 3834. By means of this instrument, vibrations of structural components like housing and tower, but also of machine components like rotorbearing, gearbox and generator can be assessed. Therefore, a triaxial vibration sensor is mounted at specified positions. By means of a signal converter type InnoBeamer, its signals are transmitted to the computer (e.g. notebook) on which the InnoMeter 3834 is running.

With the measurement kits VMSet-31-1, VMSet-31-2 is a suitable set available, which contains sensors and signal converters for the connection to your own measuring computer.

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The InnoMeter 3834 combines vibration measurement, assessment, presentation of the results incl. printing a report in one instrument. In addition, signals can be analyzed in detail in time and frequency domain in Pro version.

Results are assessed in traffic light colors already during the measurement. This assessment is based on reference values from VDI 3834, which can be also adjusted acc. to the plant. All measurements are transferred to the data storage automatically, which lists up the results in a clearly arranged table. You can look at each measurement in detail with all parameters once again. Furthermore, you can add your own remarks for each measurement.

Printing a report is carried out by mouse click. The report examples are freely adjustable, for instance with your own company logo.

Vibration measurements can be carried out especially quick and effective with the InnoMeter 3834 since it masters combined measurements: Measurement modes at the same measuring point can carried out simultaneously instead of tediously one after another.

This way, measuring time is halved without relinquishing precision and more turbines can be measured per day than with usual equipment.

The VDI 3834 recommends measurements under stable conditions. Who wants to evaluate it? The InnoMeter 3834 features an objective monitoring technology and automatically indicates instable operational conditions. Thus there is safety for comparable measurement conditions.

Requirements for VibroMatrix

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • VibroMatrix measuring system (InnoBeamer measuring amplifier required)



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