Balancing motors / spindles

Balancing spindles in maching centers


Spindles in machining centres must always be perfectly balanced to ensure a high quality processing. The unbalance condition should be checked regularly and improved if necessary.



The spindle of a machining center should be balanced during maintenance work. For this purpose, all balancing measures of the previous balancing procedures were reversed (grub screws removed). Miniature acceleration sensors were attached to the bearings of the spindle by magnetic coupling. A contrast scanner with corresponding marking on the rotor was used for speed detection. A balancing speed of 12600 rpm (210 Hz) was selected. A suitable balancing speed can be determined with the order analysis module InnoAnalyzer Speed from VibroMatrix.

Balancing with the InnoBalancer module is divided into 4 steps:

1) Initial run: To determine the original vibration behavior of the spindle.

2) Test runs: At each bearing plane (correction plane), known test weights are sequentially set to defined positions. This determines the influence of additional masses on the spindle.

3) Mounting the balance weights calculated by the balancing program.

4) Measurement of the final vibration state.

As a balancing result, vibration speeds of less than 0.09 mm/s were achieved and thus precise machining will be possible in the future.

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