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Machine diagnostics
Machine diagnostics

The mobile measuring system VibroMatrix enables you to diagnose your machines in a modern way and supports you in identifying machine faults.

Whether fans, pumps, motors or high-speed spindles in machine tools - see the behaviour live in real time. Signal storage and in-depth diagnosis afterwards are included!

Condition monitoring
Condition monitoring

The VibroLine condition monitoring system offers you seamless & permanent measured value recording for reliable protection of your machines.

Leave nothing to chance in your production. If downtime is necessary, then only cost-reduced downtime can be planned. Condition monitoring with VibroLine keeps you up to date.

Vibration analysis
Vibration analysis

Do you need support directly on your premises? You have found the right partner for fault analyses and diagnoses on your machines and systems.

Our DIN ISO certified vibration analysts will provide you with solution proposals including a well-founded measurement report and will be happy to advise you on further individual measures.

Special solutions
Special solutions

As a specialist in the market of vibration measurement technology, we are your partner for the realisation of individual automation solutions or developments.

Our experienced R&D team will also find a suitable solution for your measurement task. We accompany you systematically from problem analysis to series production to achieve your goal.

IDS Innomic Schwingungsmesstechnik GmbH

There for you since 25 years

Where we come from

Our company has its roots in the engineering office for digital vibration measurement ids, founded in 1996. Having started in the field of development, IDS Innomic GmbH expanded its activities to include manufacturing and sales.

Inspired by the requirements of our customers, we create systems for digital vibration measurement that deliver decisive added value through above-average precision and a well thought-out range of functions. Practical experience gained over time and knowledge gained from many years of work in the standardisation committees VDI, DIN and ISO are also incorporated.

What we deliver

IDS Innomic Schwingungsmesstechnik GmbH has expertise in the areas of building vibrations, human vibration measurement (occupational medicine) and acoustics. We are represented in all these fields with our own measurement technology and practical experience. These fields complement our special focus: machine vibrations.

We offer measurement technology for vibration measurement on motors, pumps, fans or spindles for high-speed machining in machine tools. We also have measurement solutions for roller bearings and gears as frequently used and particularly stressed assemblies.

What are your advantages of vibration measurement technology?

Plannable and cost-effective maintenance

Condition monitoring with VibroLine offers:

  • Foreseeability of machine failures
  • Predictability of repairs
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Cost reduction

Quality assurance

A VibroLine or VibroMatrix integrated in test stands provides you with:

  • measurement data and analyses for an objective evaluation
  • high customer satisfaction through successfully tested products
  • Efficiency safety through measurements before and after repairs
  • Creation of a fingerprint of your machine for verification purposes

Troubleshooting in the field

Modular vibration measurement technology with VibroMatrix offers:

  • systematic target realisation
  • effective time and cost savings
  • subsequent evaluation through data recording
  • long-term improvement through real-time measurement

Machine safety

The permanently monitoring VibroLine:

  • reliably reports critical overruns
  • increases the safety of your machines
  • detects dangerous situations before damage occurs
  • offers complete measured value recording

Do you have any questions about our products or services? Call us now and we will be happy to help you. We would also be happy to arrange an on-site appointment.

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  • Troubleshootings
  • Balancing
  • Training sessions
  • Calibration

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