Vibration measurement

The balancing of rotors is an important factor for the safe and long-term running of machines.


In unbalanced machines, high mechanical vibrations can occur and lead to wear, fatigue and loss of quality. Damage caused by unbalance, e.g. to the bearing, the drive shaft or the foundation, ultimately leads to the shutdown of the machine and causes production downtimes.

Our certified service technicians will gladly come to you and balance your machines in their built-in condition.

Our balancing can be carried out on almost all rotors and machines where balancing masses can be placed on the rotor. We have often successfully balanced on the following machines:

  •     Fans, blowers and industrial fans
  •     Milling shafts
  •     Drives for grinding and polishing machines
  •     Hammer mills, Separators, Extruders
  •     High-speed spindles
  •     Agricultural technology (mulchers, milling machines, maize choppers, chopper shafts, threshing and accelerating drums)
  •     Propeller machines (small aircrafts)

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