Vibration Analyzer

A vibration analyzer serves to extract information from the signals supplied by vibration sensors. This usually involves the decomposition of the vibration signal into its individual frequencies. The analog sensor signal (electrical voltage or charge) is digitized today before it is processed in the vibration analyzer. The digital information can then be displayed and processed in various ways. Thus, the vibration signal in the time domain or in the frequency domain can be displayed. Some vibration analyzers are capable of advanced analysis such as envelope generation to detect rolling bearing problems.

Vibration Analyzers can be classified into handheld and PC-based devices. Former have the advantage of compactness, but offer often a lower signal processing performance and are less comfortable in operation than PC-based devices. With vibration analyzers, that operate with a PC, the digitisation is performed seperately from the analysis. An external ADC is connected to a PC for instance via USB. The vibration analyser is then represented  by a software on the PC.

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