VibroMatrix® 1.9.0

VibroMatrix is a high-quality tool for the precise real-time measurement of vibrations, sound and further alternating quantities. Users in research and development, service and maintenance, engineering and consultant offices receive the required measurement information quickly and uncomplicatedly by means of VibroMatrix.


  • Sensors with voltage output are directly connected to data converters.
  • Data converters type InnoBeamer condition and digitize the sensor signals.
  • A conventional computer generates measurement information from the digital signals at once.
  • Convenient for unattended measurements: Messages can be generated, e.g. if limit values are exceeded.


  • There is a comprehensive offering of vibration accelerometers, measurement microphones and other types when it comes to the sensors. Sensor technologies like integrated amplifier (IEPE) or integrated data sheet (TEDS) are directly supported by the data converter. The complete measurement equipment is supplied by USB - an additional mains adapter is not required.
  • VibroMatrix is modular. It can be operated with one sensor but also with several sensors at the same time. One or many measurement programs can run on the screen. Everything simultaneously and live. VibroMatrix can be adapted exactly to the demands of your measurement task and be extended if required.
  • For the user, his instruments are the most important tool. These measurement programs can be started at once and display the measurement information on the screen in real-time.
  • Since many sensors, InnoBeamers and instruments can run simultaneously, the InnoMaster helps you to keep track of everything. It is the control center of VibroMatrix.
VibroMatrix including its application is described in detail on the following pages. Usually, you will not read this document sequentially, but press the F1 button in VibroMatrix to request help. This file will be opened on the suitable page then.