System settings

System settings

Log file

1. Log file
You can activate the logging of internal states and events into a file to analyze the behavior of VibroMatrix in special situations.

Error response

2. Error response
VibroMatrix works with a continuous data stream. From start to stop, every single sample is transmitted to the instruments for analysis. But if the PC is not able to cope with the data stream (CPU load permanently exceeds 100%) , there will be interruptions which are not in accordance with VibroMatrix' way of working.
In this case, it can be selected if the display speed shall be reduced. By the reduced display rate the CPU load is reduced as well. If sufficient computing power is available again, the display speed increases automatically.
In some cases, VibroMatrix simply stops measuring to signal the problem. Just click on Stop/Start to continue the measurement.
For unattended measurements, you can instruct VibroMatrix to restart the measurement automatically after overload.