Instrument management

VibroMatrix offers a variety of instruments, each for a certain purpose. Several instruments can be operated together.
Instrument management

Selection tree

1. Selection tree
The selection tree lists up all available instruments. The traffic light on the left side of the instrument's name is an activity indicator:
  •  red:
This instrument has been installed, but there is no license for using it.
  •  yellow:
This instrument is ready for measuring, but it has not yet been started.
  •  green:
This instrument hast been started.
Mouse operation
The number following the instrument indicates how much instrument windows are opened. One license allows the five-fold use of an instrument. With a single license, you can for instance open 5 InnoMeter windows to display 5 different values simultaneously, e.g. vibration displacement, velocity, acceleration, rotation speed and main frequency.


2. Filter
You can restrict the list of instruments, e.g. to instruments which can be opened (yellow or green activity indicator).


3. Close   This button closes the window.