InnoMaster® RT Trainer

Using the InnoMaster Trainer is free of charge. You can operate all instruments without purchasing licenses. The InnoMaster Trainer works like the InnoMaster RT, but there is one important difference:
Instead of using measurement data from the connected measuring equipment, you generate the signal artificially in the InnoMaster Trainer. You can adjust magnitude and frequency of three sine generators for each measuring channel.
InnoMaster® RT Trainer
You can use the InnoMaster RT Trainer for different purposes:
  • Trying the handling: All instruments are available for operation. By means of the artificial measurement signals, measuring is possible as well. This way, you can practice the handling of VibroMatrix without connecting measuring hardware.
  • Evaluation without measuring hardware: Several instruments can read back their saved data (InnoMeter HVM 2631/5349/6954, InnoMeter 4150-2, 4150-3, 3834). With this data, you can carry out further evaluations and print reports.
  • Analysis of special effects: You can purposefully analyse effects from digital signal processing, for instance the leakage effect during Fourier transformation of finite signals in time domain. You set the artificial signals exactly, they are free of disturbances (e.g. secondary frequencies) of real measurement objects.
Differences in comparison with the InnoMaster RT are: