InnoBalancer® (Pro)

The InnoBalancer is intended for field balancing in one or two planes. Ideally, the rotor is balanced directly in its regular operating condition.
The InnoBalancer safely guides the user through all steps of setup and operation. Operations and results are clearly displayed as graphics.
Special features for high balancing efficiency are:
  • To avoid erroneous balancing at rotation speeds near the rotor resonance the InnoBalancer provides instructions for finding an optimum rotation speed after a first test run.
  • The InnoBalancer calculates the optimum test mass.
  • The test mass can be left at the rotor during balancing. The InnoBalancer will consider it in its calculations, if desired.
  • Drilling, milling, adding or removing mass, sliding blocks, set screws, etc. - the InnoBalancer offers 8 corrections methods.
  • Incomplete balancing sessions can be saved and reloaded to be continued later.
  • Only a few mouse clicks are needed to produce a balancing report.