InnoAnalyzer® Speed (Pro)

The typical application of the InnoAnalyzer Speed is finding resonances and the rotation speeds when they occur. For this purpose rotation is started up to the nominal rotation speed. During this startup process the InnoAnalyzer Speed measures magnitude and phase of the vibration signal at the rotation frequency or its multiples. The same measurement can also be performed during coast-down. From the measured diagram you can quickly determine resonances.
A special feature of the InnoAnalyzer Speed is filtering at fractional parts of rotation frequency like, for example 12 : 27. This enables the analysis of gears by entering the teeth ratios.
In addition to measurements at multiples or fractions of the rotation frequency, the InnoAnalyzer Speed also allows measurements within a frequency band. This can be useful, for example, to measure vibration severity from 10 to 1000 Hz to ISO 10816 against rotation speed.