The filter ensures that only the desired frequencies of a signal are taken into account. Optionally, this can be an order of the speed or of a whole frequency range regardless of the speed.

Filter mode selection

In Order analysis mode the InnoAnalyzer Speed selectively measures at the rotation frequency or a multiple. Other frequencies are suppressed. Fractional multiples are possible as well.
1. Filter mode selection
rotation frequency
  1 : 1
double rotation frequency
  2 : 1
half rotation frequency
  1 : 2
13/5 rotation frequency
13 : 5
In Order analysis with prefiltering mode any orders can additionally be prefiltered. This is done by entering the minimum and maximum frequency.
In Overall value mode the InnoAnalyzer Speed measures RMS or peak values within the entered filter range, independent of rotation speed. There is no phase measurement in this mode. The upper and the lower limit of the frequency band can be enetered in the fields fmin and fmax.