Annunciator type Radio Switch

By means of this type of annunciator, alarm states can be signaled by electric devices. Therefore, the annunciator controls a 230V radio switch which switches the power supply of connected loads. These loads can be alarm lamps, horns, flashlights or other devices as well.
These annunciators are suitable for temporary monitoring tasks at a certain location. Thanks to radio transmission, no wiring is required. This way, you can build up your equipment quickly.
The radio switch is a product of the FS20 radio system, which is offered by different suppliers independently from the VibroMatrix system. It is quite common in the field of home automation. In free field, the radio range is up to 100 m.
Unfortunately, the FS20 radio system does not possess a feedback channel. There is no feedback for VibroMatrix whether the switch was actually switched after the switching command. Apart from that, the system has proved its worth thousandfold and is a very versatile and simple option for alarms.


The measurement PC (1) is equipped with a single USB radio control unit type FHZ 1000 PC (2). It transfers the switching commands to all associated radio switches (3) by radio commnunication. 16 different channels are available so that 16 different states can be signaled.
Even if there is another FS-20 system working in the closer environment, there usually is no interference. The reason is the so-called home code. This code is set especially for the FS20 system controlled by VibroMatrix. Your VibroMatrix distributor already does that for you as factory setting. The possibility of having the same home code in a neighboring system is less than guessing the four-digit-code of a cash card correctly. Thus, no “foreign” radio switches are switched and in return, the radio switches of VibroMatrix are not controlled by other radio control centers.

Driver installation

If the radio control unit FHZ 1000 PC is connected to the PC for the first time, Windows will ask for a driver for this device. You find this driver on your VibroMatrix CD.


The configuration is carried out in three steps::