• 06.10.2014 IDS Innomic GmbH

    Summer-Tour guides Michael Ziche to IDS Innomic GmbH

    Michael Ziche (Chief Administrative Officer Altmarkkreis Salzwedel), Thomas Olschewski (Executive Officer of the IDS Innomic GmbH) and Petra Triebe (Head of the Department for Business, Tourism and Infrastructure) Photo: Fabian Laaß, Volksstimme 17.09.2014

    As part of his summer-tour the chief administrative officer of the Altmarkkreis Salzwedel, Michael Ziche, visited the IDS Innomic GmbH on September 16, 2014. He was accompanied by Petra Triebe, head of the department for business, tourism and infrastructure of the Altmarkkreis.

    In a guided tour of the company the Executive Director informed both interested parties about the modern vibration measurement equipement of IDS Innomic and its application. Michael Ziche praised the company as a great example for how such special business devisions arise and develop in the Altmark.

    In the current Research and Development Atlas Altmark the IDS Innomic GmbH is also acknowledged as one example of the manifold development activities in the region.

    Photo: Fabian Laaß, Volksstimme 17.09.2014