• 14.11.2012 Accelerometers

    New accelerometers for special applications....

    ...can be found in our product range now.

     Are the following measurement tasks assigned to you?

    • Triaxial measurement of smallest vibrations: KS823B for measurements on buildings and wind energy turbines

    • Triaxial measurement on objects which are especially light: 3023A9 and 3023A1T offer a weight of only 4 resp. 6.2 grams


    • Comfortable administration of calibration data: KS78.10 and KS78.100 with electronic data sheet (TEDS)

    • Measurements in OEM applications: KS901.10 and KS901.100 offer high quality at a low price

    • Measurements in a potentially explosive environment: AC905-1A and AC906-1A for applications up to Ex zone 0



     The following accelerometers are discontinued:

    KS813B-BDG, KB103VB, KS943B.10 and KF24