Whole body vibration

Measuring kit for work safety

When working on machines or in buildings, vibrations can affect people. This can be caused by construction sites, but also by vehicle or rail traffic, as well as machines that cause vibrations that enter the body via feet or hands.

item number: VMSet-11 bis VMSet-15



Our complete systems for whole-body vibrations are divided into three areas of application. A first area of application are people in buildings. Vibrations due to construction sites or traffic routes cause discomfort to many people. An objective assessment in accordance with DIN 4150-2 determines whether the effects exceed a tolerable level. A second area of application includes hand-arm vibration measurement. The complete system measures in accordance with ISO 5349:2001 and LärmVibArbSchV and thus helps to examine the effects of vibrating machines or hand-guided machines, on people via the hand or arm. The third measuring system, with a seat cushion sensor, is specialized in the vibration effects of machine operators, systems and vehicle drivers. This complete set measures according to ISO 2631:1997, EU Directive 2002/44/EC and LärmVibArbSchV.

With our special measuring kits for whole-body vibrations, you get a complete system of measuring amplifiers, sensors, sensor cables, mounting accessories and software in handy kits, especially for your relevant occupational safety area. You have the possibility to carry out a measurement directly in real time or to record the data in order to carry out a later offline analysis in the office. You are also welcome to arrange a day at your company with one of our vibration analysts for an introduction to the system or a training day. So you and your team are best equipped for the analysis of whole-body vibrations.