Whole body vibration

Measuring kit for work safety

item number: VMSet-11, VMSet-12 and VMSet-16

Hand-arm vibrations

Hand-arm vibration is caused by vibrations transmitted through the palm and fingers into the hands and arms. Workers whose hands are regularly exposed to vibrations can experience damage to hand and arm tissues. With the appropriate measuring solution, it is possible to detect whether activities are hazardous.

Whole-body vibrations

Whole-body vibrations are caused by vibrations transmitted from machines and vehicles at the workplace via the seat or feet. These are often present in off-road work, e.g. in agriculture, construction and quarries, but also on the road in trucks and other commercial vehicles, at sea in small speedboats and in the air in some helicopters.
Whole-body vibration is not limited to sedentary workers, but can also occur, for example, when standing on a concrete crusher.

The measuring cases measure according to all mentioned standards and guidelines which apply to the measurement of whole-body and hand-arm vibrations. The specialised, three-axis vibration sensors can be used in any installation position and have a frequency-independent transmission behaviour in the entire working frequency range of the standards. The complete systems can be used for one or more measuring points.

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VMSet-11-1: 2,7 kg
VMSet-12-1: 3,2 kg
VMSet-16-1: 7,2 kg

Hand-arm human vibration measurement according to ISO 5349:2001 (VMSet-11-1)

  • 2x InnoBeamer LX2
  • 1x VibroMatrix-CD incl. documentation
  • 2x USB-cable
  • 1x Synchronisation and supply cable, i310
  • 1x Triaxial Accelerometer KS903.10
  • 3x Software licence InnoMeter HVM 5349 Pro
  • 1x Handle adapter for sensors with M5-stud, i571
  • 1x Cable i208-5 + i206-0,5
  • 1x Case for VibroMatrix measuring system

Whole-body human vibration measurement according to ISO 2631:1997 (VMSet-12-1)

  • 2x InnoBeamer LX2 + 2x USB-cable
  • 1x Synchronisation and supply cable
  • 1x VibroMatrix-CD incl. documentation
  • 3x software license InnoMeter HVM 2631 Pro
  • 1x 5313A Triaxial Seat Accelerometer IEPE, 100 mV/g, 50g range, integral cable to (3) BNC plugs, length 10 ft.
  • 1x Case for VibroMatrix measuring system

measurement and assessment of human exposure to vibrations on ships according to ISO 20283-5 (VMSet-16-1)

  • 2x InnoBeamer LX2 + 2x USB-cable
  • 1x Synchronisation and supply cable, i310
  • 1x VibroMatrix-CD incl. documentation
  • 1x Triaxial accelerometer KS823B
  • 1x massive steel disk with adjustable feet (round or peaked ends), i592
  • 10m cable, i221-10
  • Magnetic base, i535
  • 1x Adapter cable i205-0,5 to 3x BNC
  • 1x Case for VibroMatrix measuring system
  • 3x software license InnoMeter HVM 20283 Pro


  • Computer-based measuring system for the standard-compliant measurement of human vibrations
  • The program guides you through the measurement reliably, with clear indications and graphics.
  • Measured values as well as an assessment (red / yellow / green) are already indicated during the measurement.
  • Each measurement is automatically transferred to the data storage with time stamp and can be completed with your own remarks.
  • A calculation sheet for combining different activities to one person-related daily vibration exposure is integrated.
  • The Pro version additionally offers frequency analysis of both, weighted and unweighted vibration signal. Thus, components responsible for the exceedance are detected easily and time for developing improved hand-held machines is reduced considerably.

Mobile measuring case VMSet-11-1 - Hand-arm vibrations DIN ISO 5349

  • Measure the vibrations of hand-guided machines
  • Measure in compliance with ISO 5349, VDI 2057-2 and EU Directive 2002/44/EC
  • Guided measurement with real-time evaluation
  • Measure according to LärmVibArbSchV

Mobile measuring case VMSet-12-1 - Whole-body vibrations DIN ISO 2631

  • Determination of vibration stress on the human body
  • Objective testing of comfort in vehicles
  • Measurements conform to ISO 2631-1, ISO 2631-2,ISO 2631-4, special measurements according to ISO 2631 (SEAT value)
  • Guided measurement with real-time evaluation
  • Measurement according to LärmVibArbSchV

    Mobile measuring case VMSet-16-1 - Ship vibrations DIN ISO 20283

    • Inspection of occupational safety on ships
    • Comfort measurement for passengers on ships
    • Measurement of ship vibrations according to ISO 20283-5

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