Software module: InnoMeter®

Numerical display of vibration parameters


When vibrations have to be measured as significant characteristics, the InnoMeters are applied.

Rotating parts in drives, gears, pumps, fans and many other technical products cause vibrations. Recurring exposure like construction operations or vehicular traffic cause perturbing vibrations as well.

Numerous standards, e.g. ISO 10816/20816 or the machinery directive, define significant vibration characteristics for a reliable evaluation of vibration and sound.

The InnoMeters measure these characteristics precisely and thus allow a reliable assessment of the vibration state. The InnoMeters are applied in the complete product cycle – development, manufacturing, final inspection. Weak spots are discovered, the success of counter measures is proven and the compliance with limits is controlled.

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The InnoMeters are universal measuring instruments for characteristics of vibration, sound and further mechanical and electrical measurands. They can be adapted to characteristics from numerous standards and directives. For instance, the InnoMeter Pro features:

  • Measurands: acceleration, velocity, displacement, rotation speed and user-defined measurands
  • SI- and imperial units for each measurand
  • Free filter adjustment 0,1 .. 40000 Hz
  • 25 characteristics

Additional to overall values, the InnoMeter Pro offers order values for the measurement on rotating machines: Magnitude and phase angle can be displayed for adjustable orders.

Fractional orders, e.g. from gear ratios, can be entered as well. The InnoMeter Pro can also display the rotation speed, which can be converted into other units as well, for instance to display length' speeds.

Sound measurements acc. to the machinery directive are supported in the InnoMeter Pro by means of the characteristics LEX,8h and LC,peak.

Status information concerning the measurement quality, like over- or underload, is always indicated.

The clone function makes it possible to operate several InnoMeters at the same time, for example to measure several characteristics simultaneously.

The measured values can be copied quickly into other programs for documentation.

Requirements for VibroMatrix

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • VibroMatrix measuring system (InnoBeamer measuring amplifier required)



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