Software module: InnoBalancer®

Operational balancing in 1 and 2 planes


The InnoBalancers are designed for the reduction of vibrations.

Rotating parts in drives, gears, pumps, fans and many other technical products cause perturbing vibrations. These vibrations often have to be reduced in order to increase product quality and durability by smooth run.

The InnoBalancer allow a purposeful vibration reduction by balancing. Both discoidal and longish rotors can be balanced systematically and fast.

The InnoBalancer support field balancing. Ideally, the rotor is balanced directly in installed state.

So you save the complex dismantling and the transport of the rotor to a balancing machine. Moreover, in many cases, an acceptable performance can only be achieved by balancing the installed rotor with all attached parts.

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The InnoBalancer guide the user through the balancing process so that unbalance and caused vibrations are reduced on target.

You enter the most important rotor data in a clearly structured control panel. Afterwards you open the “balancing” control panel. It presents the balancing process with its different steps which you simply carry out. For rotors with alternating rotation speeds, the InnoBalancer Pro offers the analysis of optimum rotation speed for balancing so that you are prevented from balancing at resonant rotation speeds.

By means of the automatic recognition of rotation speed, the InnoBalancer reads the vibration vectors in a high quality and calculates the unbalance. The InnoBalancer Pro also offers suggestions for the test mass.

After unbalance calculation, the InnoBalancer offers clear suggestions for balancing. In case of not following these suggestions, consequences are already shown in chart even before the measurement is started.

Furthermore, the InnoBalancer Pro masters continuous improvement of influence coefficients and shows the single vectors of each revolution as well as the development of the vibration vectors for all measuring runs.

Measuring runs can be saved and reloaded. Thereby balancing can be interrupted and later be continued.

Requirements for VibroMatrix

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • VibroMatrix measuring system (InnoBeamer measuring amplifier required)



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