Software module: InnoAnalyzer® Octave

Vibration characteristics on third octave/octave bands


For the monitoring of highly sensitive devices, such as electron microscopes or lithography systems, an analysis of the 1/3 octave bands (thirds) has proven its value. This analysis is used especially in the semiconductor industry. Limit value curves (Vibration Criteria, VC lines) are defined for various usage criteria. Further nano lines have been agreed, especially for applications in nanotechnology.

The InnoAnalyzer Octave instruments are specially designed for monitoring VC and nano lines.
Octave band analyses are also used for acoustic measurements. Thus, the (weighted) levels of the individual bands on a large frequency range can be recorded at a glance.


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Measurement quantities, units and limit value curves (VC-A .. VC-G, Nano-D, Nano-E, Nano-EF) are already preset for measurements of VC and nano lines according to VDI 2038 Part 2. In addition to the displayed effective values, peak values can also be displayed.

For acoustic measurements, frequency weightings for effective and peak values as well as limit value curves can be freely selected.

Band amplitudes are automatically found and listed, the values can also be displayed directly in the chart if required. In addition, two cursors with measured value display provide support during analysis. It is easy to transfer the measurement curve as a graphic or as pairs of values in text format to other applications

During  unattended  operation,  analyses  can  be  saved periodically or limit dependent or be sent via e-mail.

Requirements for VibroMatrix

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • VibroMatrix measuring system (InnoBeamer measuring amplifier required)



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