Condition Monitoring Solution

Product series: VibroLine

The VibroLine devices are stationary vibration analyzers for continuous condition monitoring of machines and systems. With the VibroLine condition monitoring system, vibration acceleration, vibration velocity or vibration displacement can be monitored with freely adjustable frequency filtering for various applications. Permanent vibration monitoring of your machines not only brings competitive advantages due to the increased efficiency of your systems, but also protects against unwanted machine failures. With the VibroLine devices you can monitor not only the overall, order and bearing characteristic values, but also the shock characteristic values. This offers you an enormous flexibility in monitoring parameters for your condition monitoring.

In addition to reacting in good time, you can also see at a glance for which machines maintenance actions should be initiated in order to prevent unplanned production downtimes.

The devices are designed for montage on mounting rails. The electrical contact is made conveniently via plug-in terminals. Colour gradation and mechanical coding protect against mix-ups. The VibroLine devices are supplied with 24V DC, which is standard for control cabinets.

Product series

Choose the right hardware for your condition monitoring solution with the VibroLine device series. The variants range from 1 - 8 measuring channels per device.

Condition Monitoring Accessories such as displays, signal lamps, safety barriers, power supply units.