Condition Monitoring Solution

Product series: VibroLine

The VibroLine condition monitoring system enables you to better plan maintenance measures and thus gives you a time advantage in damage detection. Thanks to permanent data evaluation, every millisecond of the machine's running time is monitored and an immediate response is given in the event of an alarm. High amplitude resolution of 24 Bit and a wide frequency range of 40 kHz provide the key advantage in the early detection of damage. Reliable machine protection can thus be guaranteed and helps you to reduce costs and achieve competitive advantages. The availability of the devices in the VLE (left in the picture) and VLX (right in the picture) product series with 1-8 measuring channels and various interfaces allows you flexible integration into existing monitoring systems.

Your advantage at a glance

  • Flexibility
    • Adapted to your interfaces: Modbus, CAN, DATA STREAM interface for rawdata evaluation, digital output and 4-20 mA current loop
  • Time advantage 
    • Machine faults are detected at an earlier stage and allow a better planning in maintenance
  • Reliability
    • Permanent and uninterrupted value acquisition: 100% measured values = 100% machine protection
  • Visibility
    • 40 kHz frequency range and 24 Bit resolution detect the smallest machine fault

product series

VibroLine VLE

VibroLine VLX

Application areas

Vibration monitoring

The VibroLine condition monitoring devices enable flexible vibration monitoring. Thus, characteristic values of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement can be defined on freely selectable frequency ranges. Individual characteristic values or monitoring according to relevant standards such as ISO 10816/20816 are thus very easily possible. Templates for standard-compliant monitoring are available for many machine classes.

Rolling bearing analysis

VibroLine enables the detection and monitoring of rolling bearing damage. For this purpose, the acceleration signal is analysed and the bearing condition is expressed in characteristic values such as the BCC or k(t) value. The condition of rolling bearings is thus directly readable and observable in the long-term trend.

Automate quality assurance

The flexible signal processing and many available interfaces are ideally suited for automating vibration tests in your quality assurance. Special monitoring parameters specifically indicate faults and defects in assemblies and products. VibroLine can thus be seamlessly integrated into EOL testing.

Detection of imbalances and speed-harmonic machine faults

With the VibroLine monitoring modules, unbalance-related vibrations can be reliably filtered out. This is made possible by the integrated monitoring of order parameters. An increased vibration at speed can thus be assigned to occurring imbalances. But also effects at speed multiples (e.g. misalignment or gear defects) can be detected with the help of the integrated order analysis.

Shock and scratch detection

The special monitoring mode of our condition monitoring products warns you before long-term damage occurs. For example, crash situations in machining centres must be detected as quickly as possible. The VibroLine devices have a special operating mode that allows particularly fast signal processing and error reporting: A crash is detected and reported within 0.7 ms. Serious consequential damage can thus be prevented.


Multiple communication interfaces

Integration into an existing automation environment is flexible via classic interfaces and fieldbuses. As a plus, VibroLine outputs the high-resolution sensor signals via streaming. They are used for own signal analyses and AI algorithms. Depending on the product series, VibroLine offers the communication interfaces USB 2.0, CANopen, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and/or DATA Stream. We will be happy to advise you on which VibroLine product is best suited to your measuring task.

Software for unit configuration

VibroLine configurator enables quick and easy configuration of our condition monitoring devices. All devices can be managed at a glance and the devices can be parameterised either individually or according to available and own templates.

In addition, the current measured values are shown in a live display. The comfortable adjustment of warning and alarm values or the scaling of the 4-20 mA current outputs can be done in no time.


Extract from the software

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