Application report 10: Balancing slow rotating rotors

roller mill
roller mill
Rotating Classifier
Rotating Classifier
Process of balancing in operation condition
Balancing Process

Coal, chalk, bricks - in industry there are many situations which require the crushing of lumpy raw material into fine- or finest-grained end products.

Therefore, coal pulverizers, cement and granulated cinder mills are operating in the cement industry. In the ore industry these are ore mills or mills for steel slag.

To many mills is a so-called classifier assigned. Classifiers seperate solids according to defined criteria as for instance the particle size. Rotating classifiers use centrifugal force for this purpose.

As measured by the usual technical speeds, the rotation speed of larger classifiers is not particularly high. In the described application, the maximum speed was 140 1/min, i.e. a little more than 2Hz.

Balancing the classifier provides a low-vibration run and therefore a long service life of the whole facility. Ordinary industrial accelerometers (100mV/g) reach their limits at these low speeds. High-sensitivity accelerometers and low-noise vibration measurement equipment are in demand here.

By balancing in operation condition, our customer purposefully reduced the vibration characteristic values to a harmless level and underbid the set limits.

This was helped by the new feature of the InnoBalancer Pro 1.9. For the test masses it already estimates the angular positions which are leading to a reduction of vibrations. This way, balancing was performed efficiently and with little measuring runs.