• Focused on Vibration Measurement

    The IDS Innomic GmbH consists of a hand-picked team in the field of physics, electro-technics and business. Together, we work focused on the field of vibration measurement. For our customers we are active during the entire process chain - from development to production, consulting and sales up to the downstream service.

    Our location is near Salzwedel. This lively town has lots of history and is situated in the beautiful Altmark.

    Our Path

    The first company label

    1996 -1998 Start as Engineering Office

    Dresden 1996. The subject of "vibration measurement with PC" led a development engineer to leave his employment and start his own office.

    Henceforth, the focus was on the development of customer-specific measurement systems. These were used for instance as vibration monitoring in the Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH or - a little more exotic - for investigating the feeding noise of wood worms.

    1998 - 2003 IDS Innomic GmbH

    Award ceremony in Mainz

    In 1998, personal reasons led to a relocation of the engineering office into the Westerwald.

    Soon the business operations expanded beyond engineering services and the IDS Innomic GmbH was founded in 1999.

    A year later, the young company won an innovation award of the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate for its measurement technology.

    From 2004 Location Altmark

    Company building IDS Innomic GmbH

    The company finally settles in the Altmark in 2004 - still as one-man operation. Gradually, today's team is built.

    Version 1 of the measuring system VibroMatrix is released in the same year.

    In the following years, the measuring system is further developed. Additionally, extensive customer-specific developments in the field of balancing and radio-based vibration measurement are carried out.

    In 2013, the IDS Innomic GmbH moves into new office premises in its own company building. Designed as Plus-Energy-House, it forms with its modern facilities the basis for optimal customer support and further sustainable growth.