• 28.08.2013 Instruments

    New Vibration Measuring Equipment - Pocket Vibration Meter, Signal Conditioner, Calibrators

    Our product range has been expanded by new equipment:


    Mobile Condition Monitoring On Machines

    • The Pocket vibration meters VM22, VM24, VM25 provide important vibration characteristics – additionally VM25 provides temperature, rotation speed and FFT. The measured values are recorded centrally and analyzed by means of the automatic detection of measuring points and the optionally available database.

    Multi-Channel Signal Conditioning/ Stationary Vibration Monitoring

    • The 8-channel signal conditioner M208A provides conditioned measuring signals of vibration transducers and features its own measuring and monitoring functions. Both remote measurement and parametrisation are carried out by means of an integrated web server.



    • The mobile calibrators VC20 and VC21 are providing defined mechanic vibration signals which can be used for lab and field use. You can choose among 7 vibration frequencies when working with the VC21. The smallest adjustable calibration frequency of 16 Hz deserves a special mentioning since it is for instance required by ISO standard for whole-body vibration measurement.