• 09.01.2014 IDS Innomic GmbH

    Business Award Altmark 2013 - IDS Innomic reaches 3rd place

    The IDS Innomic GmbH has applied to the Business Award Altmark 2013. Among all participants the company was rewarded with the third prize. In this year the motto of the award was "Altmark im Wandel - Heute schon an morgen denken" (freely translated as: Altmark is changing - Think about tomorrow already today).

    On the one hand, the strong innovation performance and the associated sustainability was honoured. The IDS Innomic GmbH demonstrates that a distinctive research and development proportion can already be realised with 6 employees.

    On the other hand,the company was chosen because of its regional sense of responsibility. Thus, the IDS Innomic GmbH supports not only different regional clubs (e.g. female choir, basketball), but also advocates a livable Altmark by active measures in staff recruitment and loyalty.

    As the executive director of the IDS Innomic GmbH, Thomas Olschewski received the award in the course of the festive award ceremony on December 6th, 2013.