• 26.11.2013 IDS Innomic GmbH

    IDS Innomic GmbH supports the female choir of Chüttlitz

    Since 2004 the IDS Innomic GmbH hast its headquarters in Chüttlitz, a district of the county town Salzwedel in the Altmark. The company supports the regional club life regularly. This year, the local female choir was focused.

    The chairwoman Renate Schmidt (r) and the treasurer Dagmar Hauptstein (l) informed about the history of the choir and the current club life.

    In 1986 the choir was founded and today it still includes a majority of the founding members. In addition, many new singers joined the group. Therefore, the choir currently consists of 25 powerful voices. This is due to the strong cohesiveness and the talented choir director Catharina Mertens.

    Afterwards, the executive director Thomas Olschewski presented the IDS Innomic GmbH. The company supports the female choir as a passive member with 100 € in this year. The donation will for instance be used to buy new sheets of music.