• 11.12.2008 VibroMatrix

    VibroMatrix 1.6 is available now!

    Alarm function, integrated notebook, improved Replay

    VibroMatrix 1.6 implements ideas we collected during measurements with our customers.


    Idea 1: Notebook for measurement data (TechInfo 7)

    Who does not know it from mobile applications? Rotation speed changes, pressure increase, change of road - there are always changing environmental influences which have an effect on the vibration values. Would it not be comfortable now to quickly take a note for later evaluation?

    In the InnoMaster RT 1.6, you simply note your remark in an input box. By means of the "Enter" button, this note is saved in the raw data stream, together with a time stamp. If you open your data now with the InnoMaster Replay, your notes are indicated correctly in the measurement data overview and there are also presented in a list tabularly.

    The measurement day is reproduced correctly and the sudden increase of vibration values together with the note "pressure doubled" leads to an important "Aha!" effect.


    Idea 2: Masking parts of the measured data (TechInfo 7)

    Measurements are actually often disturbed by accidental events. By means of the notebook function (see above) you can mark these events. During replay with the InnoMaster replay, you can addtionally mask the measurement data from the disturbed time period. Masked ranges can optionally be filled with zeros or be skipped. However, behind the mask, the original measurement data still exists. If the mask is removed, the original data is active again.


    Idea 3: Teamwork between measurement staff in field and office (TechInfo 7)

    You installed your machines supraregional. The field worker is there, but still the vibration problem cannot be located immediately. What next? Simply present your measurement data to the specialist in your head office - not only as a graphic, but completely analyzable. Teamwork over thousands of kilometers? It works as follows:

    By means of the FreeReplay option on the InnoBeamer, the recorded raw data can be replayed everywhere in the world with the freely downloadable InnoMaster Replay. Additional licenses for instruments for analysis are not required. The InnoMaster Replay now also allows to export parts of the completely recorded measurement. Thus you reduce the measurement data to the most important effects and a size suitable for e-mail transmisson and send it to your specialist for analysis. Working as a team, you will solve the problem!


    Idea 4: Automatic alarm (TechInfo 8)

    VibroMatrix instruments can inform beyond the PC now. By means of the new event messenger function for instance alarm lamps can be radio-controlled in case of alarm states or measured data can be sent by e-mail automatically as soon as an important event occurs.


    VibroMatrix 1.6 staccato:

    • InnoMeter 1.6 can convert rotation speed pulses to new measurands, for instance length' speed.
    • If vibration calibrators are recalibrated, the situation may occur that not the nominal value is measured any longer, but a slightly different one. That is why the Calibrator allows to enter an individual vibration level.
    • InnoPlotter and InnoAnalyzer send measurement graphics or also measurement data as text by e-mail periodically.
    • InnoScope sends measurement graphics or also measurement data as text by e-mail when triggered.
    • InnoAnalyzer Speed can now measure sum parameters in a freely adjustable frequency range as well and display them over the run-up and coast-down rotation speed.
    • InnoMeter 4150 now also lists and visualize phases of the measurement in which no exceedances of the alarm or warning threshold occured. The data storage can contain up to 100000 entries now. Messengers control radio switches or send measurement data and measurement reports by e-mail event-driven or periodically.
    • InnoMeter HVM 2631, 5349, 6954: Data storage can contain up to 100000 entries now. Additional icons support you during the selection of the measurement mode. Messengers control radio switches or send measurement data by e-mail event-driven.
    • InnoLogger can optionally be switched on and off by an external digital input (DCh0) now. In combination with the event messenger function, it becomes the ideal instrument for automated tests in quality control. After logging, the logged data can be send by e-mail automatically.