• 11.12.2008 VibroMatrix

    VibroMatrix 1.6.1 ready for download

    Updating is recommended.

    The new functions of VibroMatrix 1.6.0 enthused the users. We received many suggestions for improvements in details which were integrated in version 1.6.1. 


    We could also detect an error which can occur under rare circumstances and which can negatively affect your recorded raw data (*.ids files) during later processing. that is why we recommend to use the InnoMaster Replay 1.6.1 for processing (annotating, masking, cutting) raw data streams.


    More general improvements:

    • Configuration files and also the default path for saved data can no longer be found in the program directory of VibroMatrix, but in Shared Documents\VibroMatrix\. User with restricted rights do not have writing access to the program directory, so that VibroMatrix cannot save files there.
    • The installation program was adjusted because of the above mentioned circumstance as well. Additionally, the software can create desktop symbols if the user wishes so.
    • When conntecting more than one InnoBeamer, VibroMatrix automatically detects whether the devices can work together sample-synchronously. Windows Vista's internal administration of USB devices is different from Windows XP's USB administration. This fact was taken into account now.
    • Some translations for our english-speaking users were added and changed.


    Improvements concerning recording and replaying raw data

    • Notes saved in the raw data stream by the user were fixed and changing them in Replay was not possible. The intention was to keep original data together with original notes by all means. However, users considered this procedure to be impractical. So now these notes can be edited later as well.
    • The time cursor can be set stepwise backward from mark to mark. Thus the beginning and the end of an interesting sequence in the data stream can can be marked and when replaying it repeatedly, you can easily jump back to the beginning of the sequence.
    • When updating the sensor sensitivity by means of a vibration calibrator and the Calibrator instrument, the new sensitivity is saved in the raw data stream just like when changing it manually in the sensor characteristics.
    • The cause for occasional error messages when zooming or moving in the Navigator display of the InnoMaster Replay was eliminated.


    Individual improvements concerning instruments

    • InnoMeter HVM 2631, 5349, 6954 and InnoMeter 4150: Printing a report with integrated png graphics does no longer fail.
    • InnoBalancer prints polar charts with correct zoom factor again.
    • The InnoMeter now incicates underload with <1% as well and no longer with <5%.
    • The InnoPlotter scales the display of the alternatively displayed voltage values for the messengers correctly now if no sensor has be assigned to a measuring channel.
    • InnoAnalyzer Speed: Display mode in frequency range outside of measurement was modified.